The Autism Registry ​​​​​​​

In partnership with the Miramichi Police Force, we have established a registry for persons of all ages with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Registration kits are available at the centre or can be downloaded here, filled out along with a current picture of the individual being registered and sent to us.

How the Registry Works

All individuals registered have their name and address flagged in the 911 database that the individual has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents can opt as well to have their name flagged as a parent of an individual with an ASD. In the event of an emergency call, the first responders will have advance notification and will have more detailed information about the child/adult. This will enable the first responders to put into practice their training in regards to autism and therefore, minimize the risks to everyone.

Please Note

The information and photo will be given to the Miramichi Police Force and entered into their data system.  Included in your package is an ID card.

 The forms and photos will be updated yearly. It is the responsibility of the family to update the form. If at any time, any relevant information changes (such as an address or phone number), please contact the centre so we can have that upated in the database.